Carbon-14: The Shroud of Turin

An Amari Johnston novel
Volume 1

In 1988, a serial killer with a fetish for fire targets the faithful of Tucson, Arizona. Homicide detective, Pete Johnston, works to catch the killer before more clergy are killed, before more churches are burned.

His daughter, Amari Johnston, is a criminal justice major at the University of Arizona. When the Shroud of Turin is carbon dated at her university, the results reveal that the relic is a 650-year-old forgery. Amari investigates this ancient cold case file for a class project and makes a shocking discovery that could alter the fate of Christianity.

She teams up with Dr. Kevin Brenner, a brilliant young experimental physicist, and together they gather evidence so they can plead their case to the Vatican. When Amari appears on the national news, she draws the attention of the serial killer. Her father desperately tries to protect her and catch the killer before she becomes his next victim.
  1. The Class of 86
    What would you do if you could relive your life, knowing what you know now? After 40-year old Jake Simon suddenly dies of a bleeding brain aneurysm, the best way forward in his path toward heavenly perfection is to go backward-back in time. By returning to his past and reliving the worst summer of his life, Jake sets out to rewrite his future. Unfortunately, disaster after disaster push him further and further from his goals. He gets dumped by his future wife, committed to a mental hospital, and finally ends up in jail. In the uplifting conclusion to the story, Jake realizes that the purpose for his return to 1986 was not to undo the mistakes of his past, but to make him a better resident of Heaven. Because in Heaven, there is no regret. In Heaven, there is only wisdom.
  2. The Gospel According to Todd
    Todd Heller is an arrogant emergency room physician who stubbornly denies the existence of God. A ministering angel forces him back in time to the harsh, primitive culture of ancient Israel so he can witness the miracles of Jesus with his own eyes. Meticulously researched for historical accuracy, this plot is woven into the gospel account of the final year of Christ's ministry. Christians who fantasize about going back in time to witness the miracles of Jesus will enjoy the realistic depiction of life in ancient Palestine as experienced from a 21st century mentality.
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